8 Colorful Austin Locations to Take Your Headshots

Why not inject your next headshot with a little more personality? Change it up just a smidge? With color, you can do just that. The city of Austin is bursting at the seams with color, public art and locations displaying a combination of the two. We hit the town with some talented friends of ours to show off a few places in Austin you can head to the next time you want to update your personal (or your organization's)  headshots. 

 Tip: Click an address to see it on Google Maps. 


1. Bumble HQ Exterior Wall

1105 W. 41st St., Austin, TX 78756


  • Near large, yellow garage door and baby blue Volkswagen Beetle (older model)
  • Wall faces north

Bumble website: https://bumble.com


2. Native Hostels Mural 

807 E. 4th St., Austin, TX 78702 


Native Hostels website: www.nativehostels.com


3. Sirens Salon Wall

4207 Medical Parkway, Austin, TX 78756 


  • Colors: lime green, light blue, pink, orange
  • Depending on the shot, may need to photoshop protruding pipes near ground
  • Easy to access public parking near wall on Medical Parkway

Sirens Salon: www.sirens-salon.com


4. TOMS Storage Barn

1401 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78702

 Spot Loc8r Headshots TOMS Barn


  • Faces a side street, but it doesn't appear vehicles can park in front of it.
  • There's a lock holding the doors together. Consider standing in front of the lock to remove it from view. 
  • A few feet away from Love Wall by @jgoldcrown (on IG) 


5. Target Stairs (on UT campus)

2021 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78705

Spot Loc8r Austin Headshots - Target Stairs (Model: Nikki Johnson)

Spot Loc8r Austin Headshots - Target Stairs (Model: Patrice Walker)


  • Adjacent walls are white, painted brick
  • Motifs: Triangles and diamonds
  • Colors: Black and white
  • Will likely want to strategically frame shot to exclude Target signage at top of stairs


6. Ivy Wall

3913 Medical Parkway, Austin, TX 78756

Spot Loc8r Austin Headshots (Model:Patrice Walker)

Spot Loc8r Austin Headshots (Model: Nikki Johnson)


  • Also has a wooden wall at location
  • Very close to Bumble HQ
  • Similar ivy walls can be found in South Austin at Sway (1417 S. 1st. Street, Austin, TX 78704)


7. Meld Coworking space

502 W. 30th St., Austin, TX 78705

Spot Loc8r Austin Headshots MELD (Model: Nikki Johnson)


Spot Loc8r Austin Headshots MELD (Model:Patrice Walker)Tip:

  • Around 10-12ft of the wall (in width) is unobstructed
  • Across parking lot from an ice cream shop

MELD Coworking website: www.meldcoworking.com


8. Vida wall (at Mexic-Arte Museum)

UPDATE: this mural has changed!! You snooze, you lose. (9/13/18)

409 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701



  • Mural info: "La Ceremonia" by Los Dxs and Jellyfish Collectivo
  • Adjacent to two other colorful walls (one bright yellow, the other multi-colored)

Mexic-Arte Museum website: www.mexic-artemuseum.org


We hope you have fun adding color to your next headshots!

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